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Discover an insightful executive interview with Sannah Vinding, the founder of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, hosted by Waldom Electronics. Explore topics such as industry trends, innovative practices, collaboration importance, and future predictions.


Why Listen to The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast?

Join Sannah Vinding on the top-ranked 2024 podcast “The Leadership in Manufacturing,” tailored for professionals in the electronics component industry aiming to enhance their leadership qualities.

This podcast covers essential topics for leaders including effective communication, fostering collaboration, building strong teams, continuous learning, nurturing relationships, instilling confidence, embracing diversity, prioritizing adaptability, mastering time management for productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Tune in to refine your leadership style, enhance communication skills, receive practical advice, and explore people-centric strategies that foster personal and professional growth in modern manufacturing.

This podcast serves as a valuable resource for professionals in manufacturing, supply chain, and manufacturers’ representatives striving to excel in the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing.

Who Should Listen?

This podcast is ideal for VPs, Directors, Managers, Salespeople, and Professionals involved in manufacturing, supply chain, and manufacturers’ representatives who are aiming to enhance their leadership skills and stay competitive within the electronics component industry.

What You Gain:

    • Practical Advice and Strategies: Receive hands-on guidance that will empower you to navigate the complex landscape of the manufacturing industry effectively.
    • Refinement of Leadership Style: Learn how to adapt and refine your approach to leadership to meet both current and future challenges.
    • Enhanced Communication Skills: Improve your ability to communicate effectively within your team and across your organization.
    • People-Centric Strategies: Explore strategies that focus on personal and professional growth, benefiting both individual team members and the entire organization.

By delving into engaging teams in-related conversations, adapting to changes due to COVID-19, exploring technology for growth, and effectively balancing recognition of achievements with addressing challenges constructively, this podcast places a significant emphasis on empathy, open communication, and blameless problem-solving strategies. By highlighting these key aspects, the podcast serves as a valuable platform for individuals looking to strengthen their leadership skills and excel in the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing.

Tune in to become a more effective leader and remain inspired and informed on your professional journey with “The Leadership in Manufacturing” podcast.

Great way to keep up with the electronic component industry

This podcast is a great way to keep up with trends and best-practices in the comple and ever-changing electronic component industry. Sannah is well-connected to industry leaders and knows the business well, so her content is timely and informative. She brings great energy and positivity to her interviews. For those looking for way to continually learn and improve, this is podcast is a useful tool.

Manufacturer Rep

A Unique angle of the complex world of electronics manufacturing

Sannah Vinding interviews a diverse group of leaders from across the electronics supply chain. From distributors, to manufacturers, to reps and analysts, a view of how the industry works and where it is going emerges. Electronics is integral to modern life and Sannah’s podcast delivers insights and Ah ha moments of those looking to better understand the industry.
– Michael Knight, President & CEO Endries International Inc

A Shining Star Sharing Fabulous Talents through Podcasts

Sannah has always been a shining star. No surprise she’s doing a podcast. And it’s fabulous. Her enthusiasm is contagious. When you love what you do, it shows. Thanks for sharing your talents, Sannah!

– Jennifer Townsend, Distribution Account Manager, Phoenix Contact USA

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Meet The Host

Sannah vinding

Sannah vinding

A leading voice in the electronics component industry

Sannah Vinding is a unique Engineer, B2B Marketing Strategist, and Executive Leader with a wealth of practical and proven customer-centric go-to-market strategies tailored for the electronics manufacturing industry. With two decades of experience characterized by spearheading innovative product development, B2B marketing, and process optimization, she stands out for her deep technical engineering expertise and sophisticated marketing strategy repertoire, making her a pivotal figure in the sector.

As the host of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, Sannah shares invaluable insights and practical advice on innovation and leadership. Having garnered over 150,000+ downloads and securing a place in the top ten of electronics podcasts in 2024, she has established herself as a leading voice in the industry.

Sannah’s career showcases her dedication to customer-oriented marketing strategies and continuous innovation, solidifying her position as a respected thought leader in the electronics manufacturing landscape.

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