Episode 84

Cultivating Relationships and Expanding Networks in Manufacturing

In this episode of the Vinding Innovation Manufacturing Leadership Podcast, Sannah Vinding interviews Holly Good, the Director of Global Distribution Sales at Knowles Position Devices.

Holly shares her extensive experience in the electronic industry, discussing her passion for the dynamic and vast opportunities in the electronics industry.

She emphasizes the value of customer feedback, efficient communication, and the significance of staying customer-focused. Holly also shares her insights on improving productivity, continuous learning, building and nurturing professional networks, and the importance of staying the course in one’s career.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Holly’s experience and expertise in the electronic industry.


Sannah Vinding


Holly Good



Key takeaways

Customer Communication and Satisfaction:

Emphasizing the value of open, honest, and transparent communication with customers. Highlighting the importance of asking for direct feedback from customers to continuously improve services and maintain high satisfaction levels.

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Time Management and Productivity:

Sharing an approach to boosting productivity by blocking off focused time and turning off email notifications. This approach allows for concentrated, uninterrupted work to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and to meet deadlines.

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Continuous Learning and Networking:

Discussing the importance of continuous learning and expanding professional networks. Recommending using platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry peers, attend virtual training, and engage in online learning to stay current, expand professional connections, and leverage opportunities for collaboration and growth.

“It doesn’t matter what your job is where you work. It doesn’t matter what your title says. You think if you really are customer-focused, no matter what you do, if you just try to help them navigate through whatever challenge it is and help it come to resolution that you’re gonna be successful.”

Holly Good

Director, Global Distribution Sales, Knowles Precision Devices

“Empathize with your customers and continue offering assistance. Providing help is always a valuable endeavor.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding engages in a dynamic conversation with Holly Good, the Director of Global Distribution Sales at Knowles Position Devices. Holly shares her extensive experience in sales, marketing, and operations in the electronics industry, highlighting the dynamic nature of the industry and emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptation.

The discussion showcases the significance of open communication and customer-centric approaches in leadership and customer satisfaction. Holly also expounds on the importance of efficient time management and the value of staying true to oneself while navigating one’s career.

By delving into topics such as customer relationship improvement, productivity, and continuous learning, this episode offers valuable insights for leaders aspiring to succeed in the evolving landscape of the electronics industry. Listeners gain practical knowledge on effective communication, skill development, and the continual pursuit of professional growth.

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“People don’t realize that you’re an email or a LinkedIn message or a phone call away from talking to pretty much anybody in this world.”

Holly Good

Director, Global Distribution Sales, Knowles Precision Devices

Holly Good

Holly Good

Holly Good

Director, Global Distribution Sales, Knowles Precision Devices

Holly Good is the Director of Global Distribution Sales at Knowles Precision Devices with over eight years of experience in managing and supporting channel partner relationships.

She excels in organizational leadership, distribution channel management, new business development, and product training.

Holly is also a Founding Advisory Board Member at Women in Electronics, where she is dedicated to the professional and personal leadership development of women in the electronics industry.

Holly has received the WE Recognizes Award in 2020 for her outstanding achievement in empowering, developing, advocating, and celebrating women in the industry.

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