Episode 89

The Art of Asking Questions in Manufacturing Leadership

Welcome to Episode 89 of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast! In this engaging episode, hosts Sannah Vinding and Deb Speer delve deep into the nuances of leadership and communication within the electronics industry.

Deb Speer, a seasoned global distribution sales manager from Fair Rite Products, shares her extensive experience and insights on driving business growth, leading high-performing teams, and maintaining exceptional customer relationships.

Drawing from her 20-year career, Deb emphasizes the importance of adaptability in communication strategies, the art of asking questions, and the vital role of personal connections in professional settings.

Whether discussing adjustments post-pandemic, mentoring young talent, or effective ways to enhance collaboration, this episode is packed with valuable lessons for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills in the manufacturing sector.

Tune in to learn from one of the industry’s veterans about building a successful career while fostering meaningful professional relationships.


Sannah Vinding


Deb Speer



Key takeaways

Importance of Asking Questions:

Engaging with others through questions allows professionals to refine their communication strategies, adapt to changes such as collaboration and professional growth, and optimize interactions within their industry.

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Mentoring and Nurturing Young Talent:

Providing guidance, sharing experiences, and imparting business skills enable seasoned leaders to bring fresh perspectives and vitality into the manufacturing sector. This not only aids in the personal development of newcomers but also revitalizes the industry with innovative ideas.

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Fostering Professional Success:

Building strong personal connections within the industry involves understanding the mindset of different generations, communicating earnestly and directly, and maintaining professionalism. These principles are essential in fostering a collaborative, respectful, and efficient professional environment.

“Being humble allows you to show genuine interest, gain new knowledge, and develop a better understanding of both people and their perspectives. It’s not just about asking questions; it’s about being open to the answers you receive.

Deb Speer

Global Distribution Sales Manager, Fair Rite Products

“Asking questions isn’t just crucial for learning; it’s our gateway to building more robust relationships and fostering a culture where collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the forefront.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding welcomes Deb Speer, a seasoned global distribution sales manager at Fair Rite Products, who brings over two decades of expertise in sales management and business development within the electronics industry.

Deb delves into the nuances of the rep model and distribution model, underscoring the pivotal role of effective communication and understanding the unique value propositions each offers.

Throughout the episode, Deb emphasizes the importance of adapting communication methods in response to the pandemic, maintaining the necessity of in-person interactions, and the significance of building personal connections within the industry.

She advocates for humility in professional settings, highlighting how asking questions not only fosters deeper relationships but also enhances collaborative efforts and professional growth. Both Sannah and Deb discuss the critical need to attract fresh talent to the industry, particularly focusing on mentoring young women, and share insights on professional conduct, such as job interviews and presentation skills.

This episode is rich with strategies for nurturing professional relationships, personal growth, and the continuous evolution of business practices in the manufacturing sector.

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“Asking the right questions has been integral to my role in sales and management. It opens up avenues for not only personal growth but also enhances our team’s dynamic and our ability to solve problems together effectively.”

Deb Speer

Global Distribution Sales Manager, Fair Rite Products

Deb Speer

Deb Speer

Deb Speer

Global Distribution Sales Manager, Fair Rite Products

Deb Speer is a Strategic Sales Leader at Fair Rite Products Corp. based in Camden, South Carolina, United States.

With over two decades of experience in sales management and business development, she has held various key positions such as Regional Sales Management, Director of the Americas, Director of Global Sales, and Global Distribution Sales Manager.

Deb is known for her expertise in formulating and executing growth strategies, leading high-performance teams, and cultivating strong customer relationships. Her passion for learning, collaborating, and executing has been a driving force behind her successful career. Deb excels in driving business growth through tactical strategies and team leadership, focusing on achieving success in the industry.

You can reach Deb at: [email protected] 

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