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The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, hosted by Sannah Vinding, is a top-ranked 2024 podcast tailored for professionals in the electronics component industry seeking to enhance their leadership qualities and become better leaders.

This podcast supports individuals on their journey to strengthen their leadership skills. Through insightful interviews with experts in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors, the podcast covers a diverse range of crucial topics such as the value of having diverse ages and backgrounds in a team, promoting intergenerational collaboration, and fostering openness and respect among team members.

It also delves into creating a culture that encourages contributions from all members, the practical application of knowledge for organizational value, and the importance of shared language and transparency in leadership practices.


The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast was founded with a mission to empower individuals to reach their leadership potential. With over 150,000 downloads, our podcast has evolved into a trusted resource for leadership growth.

Dive into our extensive collection of episodes and videos that delve into crucial topics for leaders, including effective communication, fostering collaboration, building strong teams, continuous learning, nurturing relationships, instilling confidence, embracing diversity, prioritizing adaptability, mastering time management for productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Explore insights on company culture, innovation strategies, people-centered leadership, and effective communication to enhance your leadership journey.


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Let us inspire and equip you to make a positive impact in your professional journey and beyond. Discover new perspectives, learn from industry experts, and embark on a transformative leadership journey with the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast.

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding

Founder & Host - Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast

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Sannah Vinding Featured on the Waldom Executive Series.

We’re excited to share that Sannah Vinding, a leader in the electronics and semiconductor industry, was featured in an insightful interview on the Waldom Executive Series! With over 20 years of experience, she explored trends like AI, automation, and 3D printing, highlighting the importance of staying updated with these technologies.

Sannah also discussed her ‘Leadership in Manufacturing’ podcast, a platform for learning and growth, which is among the top 10 electronics podcasts of 2024. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills in the electronics field.

Check out Sannah’s interview on the Waldom Executive Series for a dose of inspiration and knowledge. It’s a must-watch for those interested in the future of electronics and leadership.

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