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How to Leverage Digital Tools for Enhanced Manufacturing Marketing

In this episode of the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding welcomes Dan Salganik, Managing Partner at VisualFizz, to explore innovative marketing strategies within the manufacturing sector.

Dan shares his insights on the transformation from traditional to digital marketing approaches, emphasizing the importance of SEO, paid media, and the power of video content in reaching and engaging clients.

The discussion delves into the keys to building a strong company culture remotely, maintaining effective communication, and the strategic balance between in-house and agency marketing partnerships.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on driving growth and fostering sustainable client relationships in the dynamic world of manufacturing.


Sannah Vinding


Dan Salganik



Key takeaways

Integration of Digital Strategies in Marketing:

Transitioning to a digital-first marketing strategy enhances reach and engagement in the manufacturing sector, utilizing SEO and social media for cost-effective results.

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Emphasis on Strong Company Culture and Internal Communication:

Enhancing company culture and internal communication boosts workplace morale, aligns teams, and improves productivity and innovation.

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The Importance of Specializing and Proper Tracking in Marketing Investments:

Focusing on proven marketing platforms and effective tracking maximizes ROI and ensures optimal resource allocation.

Digital presence and multichannel marketing strategies have become the cornerstones of efficiently reaching contemporary audiences, especially in sectors like manufacturing, where traditional outbound methods are quickly becoming outdated.

Dan Salganik

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, VisualFizz

“It’s evident that communication, and ROI, are vital components of effective business leadership, particularly in the manufacturing industry.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

The Future of Marketing in Manufacturing

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding engages with guest Dan Salganik, managing partner at VisualFizz. They delve into how Visual Fizz transitioned their marketing focus towards the manufacturing, industrial, and construction sectors.

Dan shares insights on the evolving role of digital marketing strategies in these industries, highlighting the importance of SEO, social media marketing, and fostering a strong company culture.

Dan emphasizes the shift from traditional outbound sales to a comprehensive digital presence that enhances collaboration between sales and marketing teams. He discusses the value of community within his team, facilitated by regular virtual gatherings and flexible work policies. Moreover, Dan addresses how Visual Fizz measures success through long-term client relationships and goal achievements.

The conversation also covers the strategic benefits of video content in B2B marketing, advising on its integration with traditional content formats for enhanced SEO and customer engagement. Towards the end, Dan discusses the advantages of working with agencies over building in-house teams for companies aiming to stay focused on their core products.

Finally, both Dan and Sannah reflect on the significance of transparent communication and solid ROI tracking in achieving effective marketing results and maintaining healthy client relationships in the remote work setting.

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“Investment in quality marketing is crucial, but knowing when to leverage the expertise of agencies can make a significant difference in how a manufacturing firm can grow and reach its target audiences effectively.”

Dan Salganik

Co-Founder, Managing Partner , VisualFizz

Dan Salganik

Dan Salganik

Dan Salganik

Co-Founder, Managing Partner VisualFizz

Dan Salganik is the co-founder and Managing Partner at VisualFizz, a dynamic marketing agency based in Chicago. With a robust background in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Dan has cemented his reputation as a growth and development leader. His journey in entrepreneurship began during his junior year of college when he opted to pursue his business ventures over academic scholarships.

Under his leadership, VisualFizz has flourished into a full-service firm known for delivering high-quality marketing solutions that focus on client relationships and efficient processes. Dan’s career highlights include impactful projects with former President Obama and other notable figures, substantial client growth achievements, and contributions to meaningful causes.

You can reach Dan at: [email protected]

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