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by | Jul 7, 2024 | Blog

We all know that staying in the loop and feeling motivated is crucial to becoming a better leader within the electronics manufacturing industry. That’s where podcasts come in, offering a treasure trove of insights, expert interviews, and handy tips on a range of topics.

We’re over the moon to see manufacturing podcasts getting the recognition they deserve, providing a stage for leaders to share their wisdom and experiences.

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A Special Thanks to Goodpods

First off, a massive shoutout to Goodpods! They’ve done an incredible job of highlighting top-notch manufacturing podcasts, bringing valuable resources and expert advice right to your ears. Goodpods’ commitment to promoting quality content is helping professionals like you stay ahead in this fast-paced industry.

To Our Loyal Listeners

We can’t thank our loyal listeners enough. Your support and feedback are what keep us going. Whether you’re tuning in to catch up on the latest tech trends, process improvements, or sustainability efforts, your hunger for knowledge and growth is what makes our episodes come alive.

Stay Tuned for More

As we cruise through 2024, we’re pumped to bring you even more awesome discussions, expert chats, and practical insights. Building your leadership skillset is crucial, and our episodes will feature mentoring from experts in Manufacturing Reps, the Distribution Channel, and the Manufacturing sector. We’re here to provide resources that help you excel in the manufacturing industry.

Big thanks again to Goodpods for shining a light on leadership in manufacturing podcasts. And to our amazing listeners, thank you for making this journey so rewarding. Let’s keep exploring, learning, and developing our leadership skillset together in the dynamic manufacturing industry.

Stay connected with us on Goodpods.com and keep your ears peeled for more exciting episodes! 🎧✨

Podcasts are essential for sharing insights and fostering leadership growth. Thanks to Goodpods and our dedicated listeners for joining us on this journey to becoming better leaders

Sannah Vinding

Founder & Host, Leadership Manufacturing Podcast

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding

Founder & Host, Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast

Sannah Vinding is a distinguished Engineer, B2B Marketing Strategist, and Executive Leader with over two decades of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry.

She is renowned for her technical engineering expertise, innovative product development skills, and strategic marketing acumen. 

She is the founder and host of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, where she shares insights on innovation, leadership, and the impact of AI in the manufacturing sector.

With a Master’s degree in Design/Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, Sannah has established herself as a thought leader in her field, dedicated to fostering innovation and driving success through customer-centric marketing strategies.

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