Episode 70

Unlocking the Potential of Intrapreneurs: Driving Business Growth and Success

In this episode of Mind The Innovation Leadership Podcast, host Sannah Vinding engages in a fascinating discussion with RJ Grimshaw, the CEO of UniFI, to explore the world of intrapreneurship and its profound impact on business growth and success. RJ’s passion for entrepreneurship, stemming from his family’s entrepreneurial history, sets the stage for an inspiring conversation.


Sannah Vinding


RJ Grimshaw



Key takeaways

Intrapreneurship is a powerful force within organizations, fostering innovation and driving growth from within.

Number 2

The game of business is constantly changing, requiring adaptability and a willingness to learn.

Number 3 - key takeaway mind the innovation leadership podcast

Intrapreneurs recognize the importance of pivoting and learning from setbacks as crucial elements in attaining innovation and long-term success in business.

“Intrapreneurship fuels the engine of innovation within a company – it’s the driving force behind transformative growth.”

RJ Grimshaw

CEO of UniFi

“Successful intrapreneurs stand out by their willingness to pivot and embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

The key takeaway from this episode is the importance of having genuine passion for intrapreneurship, rather than seeing it as just a trendy label. RJ promotes the development of an intrapreneurial culture within organizations, which includes nurturing essential skills like passion, tenacity, resourcefulness, and a thirst for learning. He also introduces the idea of an “abundant mindset” and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to gain experience within companies before starting their own ventures.

The episode delves into the significance of embracing an intrapreneurial mindset, wherein individuals bring their entrepreneurial spirit into a company, fostering innovation and driving positive change. Transparency, accountability, and creating an environment where employees can freely express their ideas emerge as vital aspects of nurturing intrapreneurs.

RJ shares success stories of intrapreneurs within his own company, illustrating their meaningful contributions to business operations. Throughout the conversation, the importance of continuous learning and the role of influential mentors in personal and professional growth are stressed. Seeking mentors and embracing mentorship as a two-way street are highlighted as key elements for success.

The episode concludes with valuable insights into unlocking the potential of intrapreneurs and cultivating a culture that fosters innovation and creativity within organizations. Listeners gain essential knowledge about building a successful business, irrespective of size, by tapping into the entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging employees to embrace intrapreneurship to contribute to the company’s growth and overall success.

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“Intrapreneurship unleashes the untapped potential within organizations, igniting a culture of innovation and propelling sustainable growth from within the core”.

RJ Grimshaw

CEO of UniFi

RJ Grimshaw

 RJ Grimshaw

RJ Grimshaw

CEO of UniFi

RJ Grimshaw is a highly accomplished CEO, leading authority for intrapreneurship, and business investor. With a passion for fostering innovation and driving employee engagement, RJ has become a prominent figure in the field of intrapreneurship. He has a proven track record of helping companies stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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