Episode 2

It’s all about the people – become better problem solvers.

With lean we talk about how we want things to be simple. You are making things easier for people, either making it easier for your customer or the work easier for your employees or you’re making it easier for people to grow and learn. So it’s always about: can you make things better for people?


Sannah Vinding



Bella Englebach

Bella Englebach Guest at Mind The Innovation Podcast

Bella Englebach

Creating Better Organizations where the Music of the Human Spirit Sings.

Lead Consultant, Lean for Humans, Inc.

People are more than the work that they can do for you, people have gifts and you can help them develop the gifts.

Contact Bella via Linkedin or visit the Lean for humans website.

Who Says Creativity Can’t Be Learned? Creativity is a skill and you can develop that skill.

Bella Englebach shares her experience about creativity and lean thinking.

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