Episode 19

How Does Lean Construction Help Companies Become More Efficient?

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Leadership

What is Lean Construction? The main difference between lean construction and traditional approaches is that lean construction looks for opportunities to improve efficiency rather than just trying to reduce cost.


Sannah Vinding



John Zachara

John Zachara

John Zachara

Vice President at Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc.

John Zachara, Vice President at Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc, Lean coach and also an active member of the Lean Construction Institute Chicago Community of Practice.

Lean Construction is really about how do we do things, how do we build in this industry in a more efficient manner.

John Zachara

John Zachara talks about how to start with lean construction, the eight waste of construction, and being able to communicate and deliver on expectations is a key to success.

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