Episode 16

The importance of being a people-centric organization

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Leadership

How do you build a people-centric culture? you start with aligning with people’s values. The culture is the secret sauce and it is unique for every business – it’s all about fostering a culture where the employees feels valued and engaged.


Sannah Vinding



Jared Allmond

Jared Allmond

Jared Allmond

Culture Collaborator | Partnering with HR and L&D professionals to ethically and safely strengthen culture

Jared Allmond is a culture collaborator and partners with HR and L&D professionals to ethically and safely strengthen culture. He is a compliance solutions account executive at Skillsoft.

Organizations that understand the value in having a true chief people officer and giving them true autonomy to lead that component of the business are the ones that are going to be really, really successful in future work.

Jared Allmond

Listen to Jared Allmond talk about why culture matters to organizations and why it’s important for employees to see the core values being lived, and not just talk about them. He also talks about how organizations that are people-centric are succeeding by being involved in employees resource groups where the employees now have an opportunity to be heard, valued, and engaged.

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