Episode 88

Electric Vehicles to AI: Navigating Tech Trends

In this compelling episode of the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding engages with Dennis Reed, a seasoned senior research analyst at Edgewater Research.

Dennis shares his rich insights on the current landscape of the manufacturing industry, addressing the crucial themes of global supply chain shifts, the burgeoning electric vehicle sector, and the rising implications of AI and machine learning.

Reed’s extensive knowledge in technology research is unveiled as he discusses the avenues he pursues to stay abreast of the latest tech developments. Aspiring leaders in the field will find Dennis’s advice on humility, recognizing personal values, and aligning with a supportive company culture invaluable.

The episode further touches upon the strategic pivot from a global to a more regional supply network, influenced heavily by geopolitics, and the consensus on developing redundancy in supply chains despite cost challenges.


Sannah Vinding


Dennis Reed



Key takeaways

Adapting to Changes in Technology and Geopolitics:

The importance of staying informed about global developments and diversifying supply chain networks to mitigate risks in response to geopolitical tensions and technological advancements.

Number 2

Evolution of the Electric Vehicle Market:

The need for a focus on cost efficiency, manufacturing improvements, and potentially integrating hybrid models as part of a strategic plan to stay competitive in the growing electric vehicle market.

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Personal Development and Leadership in the Tech Era:

The value of continuous personal growth, learning from peers, and developing leadership skills aligned with technological advancements to excel in the manufacturing industry.

“The current shift towards electrification presents an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine transportation. Automakers that can navigate this transition successfully, offering a spectrum of options to their customers, will likely lead the way into the future.”

Dennis Reed

Senior Research Analyst, Edgewater Research

Keeping up with changes in manufacturing is crucial. Understanding market shifts and the role of semiconductors in shaping the future of vehicles and industries is key to staying informed and driving innovation.”

Sannah Vinding

Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist, Technical Engineering Expert

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast, host Sannah Vinding chats with Dennis Reed, a senior research analyst at Edgewater Research.

Dennis shares insights on key issues in manufacturing, like global tensions impacting supply chains and the growth of electric vehicles (EVs). Drawing from his 15+ years in the industry, Dennis discusses how Chinese suppliers are shifting focus from the U.S. market and proposes creating tech industry boards for U.S. and global firms. The conversation covers Apple’s move towards India, staying updated on tech trends, and advice for aspiring manufacturing leaders.

Dennis also forecasts challenges ahead, such as potential delays in EV projects. The discussion touches on car pricing, hybrid vehicles, and Toyota’s adaptability. They talk about the shift from global to local supply chains due to geopolitics and share personal stories like Dennis adopting digital tools for efficiency at Edgewater.

The episode highlights Dennis’s views on AI, machine learning, the metaverse, and monetization strategies in tech. It ends with Dennis’s domestic efficiency tips and the importance of taking breaks.

Join Sannah and Dennis as they explore the world of manufacturing leadership in an ever-changing industry.

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I struggle to ditch paper due to typing speed but successfully quit being glued to my phone for better mental health. It is crucial to be able to disconnect from technology so you can be present in work, family, and personal life. It’s a continuous effort, but I urge others to do the same daily.

Dennis Reed

Senior Research Analyst, Edgewater Research

Dennis Reed

Dennis Reed

Dennis Reed

Senior Research Analyst, Edgewater Research

Dennis Reid is a seasoned professional in the financial services and technology sector.

With a rich experience spanning over 15 years, Dennis has carved out a niche as a senior research analyst at Edgewater Research.

Renowned for his astute and impactful research on tech companies and market trends, his expertise encompasses business development strategy, market research, and relationship management.

Dennis’s career is marked by his ability to foster and nurture an expansive network of industry contacts, through which he delivers exceptional service and support to his clients. 

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