Episode 24

Design thinking – it starts with empathy every time.

Problem-solving is an essential part of life. It’s how we get through everyday challenges and solve problems. Problem-solving skills are also critical for success in the workplace. Design Thinking is an approach to innovation that combines creativity and critical thinking to solve problems. Empathy is an essential part of Design Thinking. Empathy allows designers to see the world from another person’s perspective. It also gives designers the ability to think creatively and solve complex problems.


Sannah Vinding



Gabriel Yoder

Lauren Winans Guest Mind The Innovation Podcast

Gabriel Yoder

Service Development | Innovation | Facilitation | Project & Portfolio Management | Human-Centered Design | Business Design

Product Portfolio Manager – Discovery & Development at IPM

I believe that everybody has creativity to be unlocked.

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Gabriel Yoder talks about how design thinking starts with empathy and If you want to be great at human-centered design you need to be empathetic. He talks about the importance of listening, learning, and also valuing people’s opinions at any point in the process and how human centeredness is such a critical part of being a good leader.

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