Episode 32

Almost no one likes change, but change is necessary for growth.

Change management is an integral part of any business strategy because it helps employees feel comfortable with the changes occurring around them. People should feel safe when making changes, and they should also know what they’re getting into before they start. Companies should provide support for employees who are going through change, and they should also help them prepare for the changes.
As a leader, you need to develop your team members. Not only should they be able to perform their job well, but they should also be happy and motivated.


Sannah Vinding



Charlotte Allen

Charlotte Allen

Charlotte Allen

CEO of Rebel Success for Leaders

Consultant to STEM leaders and owners. Stomping out your team’s creativity will not bring better innovation or successful change!

Almost nobody loves change – but change is how we grow.

Charlotte Allen

Charlotte talks about how people who are involved in new things tend to be the ones who are most likely to absorb new behavior patterns and then also adopt them for themselves. She also talks about the fact that spending time developing your staff is definitely so much more satisfying than just hiring them. But it can also help your company go much faster.

Key takeaways:

Employees are transforming as their work relationships improve and their engagement and values go up.

Failure is not something to be feared.

Developing your employees is rewarding for them and for your organization.

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