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Recognized as one of the top-performing manufacturing podcasts!

With over 150,000 downloads, the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast has become a sought-after platform for engaging with influential leaders, distribution representatives, manufacturing professionals, and engineers in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Our audience, including VPs, Directors, Managers, Salespeople, and Professionals involved in manufacturing, supply chain, and manufacturers’ representatives, seeks to enhance their leadership skills and maintain competitiveness within the electronics component sector. This diverse group of decision-makers and key individuals actively shapes the industry’s future through practical advice, innovative strategies, and expert insights tailored to their professional growth and success.

Why should you consider partnering with us?

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  • Reach a targeted audience: Our podcast attracts highly engaged industry leaders in electronics manufacturing who are eager to stay updated with the latest trends and insights.
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What does partnership entail?

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When you partner with the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast, you will receive the following recognition:

  • 30 Seconds Recognition: Your brand will be mentioned for 30 seconds at the beginning of each podcast episode.
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By partnering with the podcast, you can showcase your brand to a targeted audience and gain exposure through multiple channels.

Sponsorship Cost

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  • Each episode sponsorship is available for $1000.

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    Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with our influential audience and showcase your brand’s expertise. Join us as a partner of the Leadership In Manufacturing Podcast and make a meaningful impact in the world of electronics manufacturing.

    Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities and let’s empower leaders in electronics manufacturing and shape the future of innovation together.

    Prominent Guest Featured On the Podcast

    Leadership Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing Podcast - Sannah Vinding
    E73 - Navigating New Horizons and Embracing Change Through Technology - Mind The Innovation Leadership Podcast - Michael Knight sannah vinding

    Michael Knight

    President & CEO Endries International Inc

    Episode 67 - The Importance of People-First Values Backed by Transparent Leadership = Sannah VInding - Shane Zutz

    Shane Zutz

    Vice President of Human Resources, DigiKey

    Navigating the Changing Landscape of the Electronics Industry – Chris Beeson – Episode 63 - Sannah Vinding

    Chris Beeson

    President for Electronics & Global Strategic Suppliers, RS Group

    Navigating the Evolving Role of Marketing in Manufacturing Insights from a Marketing Director – Maryellen Stack – Episode 64 - Sannah Vinding

    Maryellen Stack

    Director of Marketing Communications, Sager Electronics

    Episode 74 - Lessons from the Rapidly Evolving Electronics Industry Nigel Watts - mind the innovation leadership podcast

    Nigel Watts

    President, WPG EMEA

    episode 72 Driving growth Paul Aspiras mind the innovation

    Paul Aspiras

    Director of Supplier Business Development, Master Electronics

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    Tap into these incrediable reviews

    Great way to keep up with the electronic component industry

    This podcast is a great way to keep up with trends and best-practices in the comple and ever-changing electronic component industry. Sannah is well-connected to industry leaders and knows the business well, so her content is timely and informative. She brings great energy and positivity to her interviews. For those looking for way to continually learn and improve, this is podcast is a useful tool.

    Energy, Passion, Insights

    Thank you Sannah for pushing the boundaries of thinking in our industry leadership, culture and development. We truly reside in an exciting industry and you do a great job of helping connect people to powerful ideas. Thank You.

    Outstanding Podcast With Insightful and Entertaining Conversations

    Sannah delivers the smarts! She consistently leads facinating discussions with crediable experts and leaders who offer a wide range of useful perspectives. Her knowledgable and conversational style makes each episode intelligent, insightful, and entertaining. Anyone who operates in the areas of sales, marekting, or innovation, will benefit from listening in.

    A Unique angle of the complex world of electronics manufacturing

    Sannah Vinding interviews a diverse group of leaders from across the electronics supply chain. From distributors, to manufacturers, to reps and analysts, a view of how the industry works and where it is going emerges. Electronics is integral to modern life and Sannah’s podcast delivers insights and Ah ha moments of those looking to better understand the industry.

    Where to listen

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    Meet The Host

    Sannah vinding

    Sannah vinding

    Leadership & B2B Marketing Strategist

    Technical Engineering Expert

    Sannah Vinding is a unique Engineer, B2B Marketing Strategist, and Executive Leader with a wealth of practical and proven customer-centric go-to-market strategies tailored for the electronics manufacturing industry. With two decades of experience characterized by spearheading innovative product development, B2B marketing, and process optimization, she stands out for her deep technical engineering expertise and sophisticated marketing strategy repertoire, making her a pivotal figure in the sector.

    As the host of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast, Sannah shares invaluable insights and practical advice on innovation and leadership. Having garnered over 150,000+ downloads and securing a place in the top ten of electronics podcasts in 2024, she has established herself as a leading voice in the industry.

    Sannah’s career showcases her dedication to customer-oriented marketing strategies and continuous innovation, solidifying her position as a respected thought leader in the electronics manufacturing landscape.