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Curiosity & Learning

Learning itself is a skill

Curious people tend to be more open to new ideas, which makes them more innovative

Curiosity is the desire to explore, learn and understand. It can be a powerful force for good or bad depending on how you use it. We may not always like what we find out but curiosity will never let us stop learning.

Your curiosity helps you make sense of your world by asking questions. When you ask questions, you challenge yourself to think critically about what you know and don’t know. 

Curiosity is the desire for knowledge, which comes from an interest in learning.



Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding


Ability to think different

Internal personal diversity is important 

The ability to think in different regimes makes it easier. So one of the things that we do actually is force people to think outside of their experience.

“If I have a broad skill stack, and if those around me have a broad skill stack, we can speak together more effectively and collaborate better, but our ideas are going to be more weird or interesting, more likely to spark an idea with someone else. That’s really powerful.” Terry Barnhart.

Start today, not tomorrow

Actionable Insights

We don’t just tell you why new skillsets are important— we show you how to elevate your skillsets.

Industry-Leading Guests

Our featured guests bring a level of expertise to the discussion that is unmatched


Some people we think of being naturally creative, but it’s a skill and you can develop that skill.

Fail forward

How do we fail fast?

What is the secret sauce for a successful product launch? The secret is to create a knowledge-intensive company where there is a  dynamic between knowledge creation and knowledge sharing across the entire company.

KPI Dashboard = Car Dashboard

So if we look at a car dashboard, that’s, that’s the KPI dashboard. There are a number of indicators not just left and right. So, but many of them are hidden until you need them.

Make your team aware of the KPIs

“I don’t think KPI has evolved. I think the way we use KPI has evolved, but that’s the thing. So they’ve always been there.

Sannah Vinding

Sannah Vinding


Be ready to unlearn what you know!

Everything that you already learned will not take you to the next step, you need to continuously evolve and at the same time know and stick to your core values.

Let’s learn together. 


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